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Easiest Tips And Tricks To Remove The Toughest Carpet Stains

Oftentimes, some variables in the environment increase the likelihood of carpets getting more stained. For instance – if your office witnesses several visits regularly, spills & stains on office carpets will also be a common occurrence. 

Regardless of how the stain materializes on your carpet, you’ll have to find a way to get rid of it quickly and fast. You can hire All Pro Shining – the top-rated carpet cleaning service in Buffalo. Or else, you can follow the amazing tips & tricks from their skilled cleaners to effectively remove carpet stains. Let’s check out what their stain-removing secrets are!

Essential Tips To Deal With Tough Carpet Stains

Act Fast

When something spills on your office carpet, don’t wait until later to clean it. The longer the stain sits on the carpet, the greater will be the chemical reaction between the carpet fibers and stains. This will make the stains much harder to get rid of. 

Never Try Digging Carpet Stains

Scooping food or dirt stains from the carpets will grind the material further down into the carpet fiber. If you have a stain from solid materials, first use a large spoon to slowly scrape the dirt into a pile. Then, remove it with a cloth.

First Bloat, Second Water

You’d be surprised how many old carpet stains you can remove with mere water. Start by blotting up the stain with a fresh, clean cloth. Then, using a damp cloth, put water on the stain. Finish it off with blotting again until the stained area is completely cleaned. Or until you’re clear you will need the help of professional carpet cleaning for the stain. 

Never Scrub Carpet Stains

If you invade a carpet stain with a sponge or scrub brush, you’re going to damage the carpet fibers forever. Always go for blotting first, then apply a staining solution and then blot again. 

Test Stain Removing First Before Applying

Always check the stain-removing solution on a hidden area of your carpet first. Although most homemade solutions are OK, you can’t always trust chemical cleaners. 

Stain-Removing Heroes For Carpet Stains


Vinegar is the best cleaning powerhouse for all kinds of toughest stains. Here we have a vinegar cleaning solution to help you clean the most stubborn stains – 

Mix 2 tablespoons of salt and a ½ cup of white vinegar in a bowl. Apply this mixture to the carpet stain with a clean cloth. Let the carpet area dry and then vacuum the area. 


Did you ever think of mixing milk and cornstarch to get rid of a carpet stain? We bet you haven’t! But the expert cleaners of All Pro Shining try this magical cleaning solution all the time. 

Make a mixture of equal parts of cornstarch and milk and spread it all over the stain. Let the mixture dry properly. Then, gently remove any residue and vacuum whatever particle remains.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is another best bet for the toughest stains. Gently wipe as much of the carpet stain as possible. Then, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda over the stained area. Vacuum the area after the mixture completely dries out. 

Contact All Pro Shining Team If The Annoying Carpet Stains Still Doesn’t Go Away

Our professional cleaners are equipped with state-of-the-art cleaning products and techniques. They can knock off the toughest stains out of carpets and rugs in no time.

Say goodbye to carpet stains by contacting All Pro Shining team today!

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