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6 Clean Air Solutions For Your Medical Office Cleaning

As Covid-19 continues to rage on across New York, the risk of contracting it gets higher. Most vulnerable are the medical workers working at the forefront of this virus. And while we cannot wholly eradicate it at once, there certainly are some layered measures that the medical offices can take to keep their employees and, by extension, loved ones safe.

We have listed down the medical office cleaning strategies as gathered through our 10+ years of experience. You can also check out the medical office cleaning services to help you achieve the cleanest office room possible! 


  • Limit The Number Of People Entering Your Office

As suggested by UC Davis Health, Covid-19 is prone to spreading through respiratory systems. And while social distancing would limit the spread by touch, it is also integral to keep the air clean. 

With a considerable number of people being cramped in the waiting room, more performance of the HVAC system will drop. So to stop the outside air from diluting the inner, adjust the number on the advice. Be sure to consult an industrial hygienist or a professional HVAC contractor before taking any decision.

  • In-Room Air Filtration

While HVAC is effective, they aren’t very pertinent against Covid 19 virus. Notably, they lack the support to higher MERV as recommended by ASHRAE. So, instead of investing in them, you can buy In-Room air purifiers. But they, too, need to have a MERV filter with a rating of 13 or higher.

We recommend filters with other technology like UV rays that can deactivate small particulates like the Covid 19 virus. 

  • Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are the background lurkers that unknown to you would capture the virus on its dust particles and then enter your body. It is vital to employ medical office cleaning services near New York to clean the carpets safely and securely to ensure that no virus lingers behind. 

  • HEPA Filters vacuuming

There’s only so much grime your carpet can carry before it becomes ineffective as a contaminant trapper. Hence, HEPA filter-equipped vacuum is the key towards getting a medical office with no contaminants. Many medical office cleaning services have turned to commercial robot vacuums that are just as effective in cleaning everything out. 

  • Maintain Humidity Levels

SARS-CoV-2 is also known to become more active with the change in humidity level. With less humidity, respiratory droplets aren’t able to absorb water, hence making it lighter and easier to travel. The mucous membrane, too, dries up and becomes vulnerable to viruses. 

So, employ humidification or dehumidification techniques to set the humidity levels right. 

  • Restrict Recirculation

Recirculating air to maintain is a good idea, but you might be spreading contaminated air repeatedly without an HVAC contractor. Avoid the usage of ceiling or portable air as they can easily transmit viruses from one person to another. You should always keep the air away or tilted upward to avoid direct contact. 

Let Us Help Clean Your Air! 

As these times continue, let us be by your side and aid you with professional medical office cleaning services. At All-Pro Shinning, we believe in maximum protection with satisfaction. We will maintain all Covid protocols while ensuring that your medical office gets rid of all these viruses.

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