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The Quintessential Elements of Maintaining a Clean Medical Office

When you walk into a medical office, you expect it to be clean and germ-free as much as possible. After all, you are coming to the office to either get healthy or stay healthy, isn’t it?

It is a known fact that most people visiting the doctor’s office are sick. So, keeping the medical office and waiting rooms sanitized and clean is vitally important. You have to ensure that the germs are not sticking around.

So, where should the professional cleaning services focus on cleaning your medical office?

We have the answer below!

Places to focus for the medical office cleaning service

The professional cleaning services should begin with the obvious places like waiting rooms and bathrooms. They must be disinfected and kept clean at all times.

The cleaning services should also pay enough heed to clean the exam rooms. They should be sanitized regularly throughout the day. 

The hidden germs in a medical office

Medical offices go through a lot of footwork throughout the day. With people walking in, germs and illnesses are also brought along into the office. 

There are certain hidden places in the medical office that professional cleaning services may not notice of. 

A few of the hidden areas where infectious germs many be sheltering are –

  • Books, magazines, chairs, and tables
  • The armrests of chairs (All the chairs in waiting rooms, offices, and patient examination rooms)
  • All the door handles in the medical office
  • Chart boards

So, next time the professional cleaning services are cleaning your office, keep a sharp eye on the hidden areas too. 

The essentials of medical office cleaning

On top of the above elements, there are a few other areas that may be harbouring dirt and germs. The windows, countertops, and light switches need to be sanitized and kept germ-free. These are the areas the professional cleaning services tend to ignore if they don’t look outright dirty. 

There are several areas like that which might look clean but are not. Germs linger on any kind of surface that has been touched. Both on the area that looks unclean and that appear clean to the naked eye. 

So, wiping all the surfaces of the medical office is the best defence against germs and diseases. 

Don’t miss out on the staff and physician areas too. Those are the people that stay in regular contact with ill patients and could be carrying infection with them. Dust down the medical office thoroughly. Wipe down the furniture and desk areas. Keep a check at the keyboard areas and phones too. 

3 checkpoints of medical office cleaning

1. Trash removal –

The first thing that professional cleaning services should address in a medical office is “trash”. Trash is anything that is not going to be of any use.

Masks, PPEs, empty bottles or general trash items like cups and gloves need to be disposed of carefully.

2. Cleaning areas –

In this step comes dusting, sweeping, mopping, and cleaning all areas and surfaces. All the visibly and hidden unclean surfaces should be cleaned thoroughly.

3. Disinfecting –

After cleaning up the medical office,  professional cleaning services should disinfect all the areas. They should spray all the surfaces with disinfectant, let it sit for a few minutes, and then wipe it away.

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