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8 Effortless Steps Towards A Cleaner & Healthier Office

Did you know your employees lose 8-9 working days a year to sickness? If a sick person comes to the office, he can contaminate the entire office in just 5 hours.

So, having clean office spaces is an extreme necessity to boost productivity, ensure less staff illness and provide a pleasing working environment. Here, we have 8 easy tips from the best office cleaning service in Buffalo to efficiently declutter and clean your workspace.

8 Effective Commercial Office Cleaning Tips

1. Start At The Top And Then Move Down

When you start the office cleaning from the top, any dust you create will fall to the floor. You can then sweep or vacuum that dust-up while cleaning the bottom areas. There would be no point in first cleaning your floors if the dust from the ceiling fan falls all over it again.

2. Do A Magical Eye-Level Test

Do you ever wonder how the professionals get horizontal surfaces to look so tidy? Crouch down and look across the flat surface from eye level. You will see mountains of dirt and dust that you otherwise miss. 

3. Organize Your Paperwork

Invest in the right storage system for your paperwork. There are many storage solutions available to organize your documents and keep them out of view. This will ease off some cleaning stress, create a positive work environment and boost morale.

4. Frequently Clean Desks

Our third office cleaning tip is to keep desks as tidy as possible. Give your staff a cleaning gel and tissue to keep their individual desks hygiene. Ask them to wipe clean desks with it every 5 weeks.

 Use drawer dividers to store any paper clips, staplers, and small items. Decide what stays on your desk and what goes in your drawer.

5. Empty Dustbins Regularly

Encourage your office members to dispose of rubbish by placing several dustbins around the office. Rubbish mounts up quickly if there are unavailable bins nearby. You should empty all your office bins into an external bin each day.

6. Wipe Plant Leaves

Plants are another element that needs to be a part of the office cleaning task. Gently wipe the indoor office plants with a damp cloth. Do this from time to time to prevent the build-up specks of dust.

7. Vacuum Top Of Files And Folders

Files and folders on shelves collect dust no matter how carefully you store the paperwork. Regularly clean the top of files, folders, and books. This won’t let any dust settle there.

8. Disinfect Telephones And Computers

Computer and telephone cleaning is often overlooked by employees. But these places harbor the highest number of germs and nasty bacteria. So, make sure to regularly clean them at least once a week.

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