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Office Cleaning: 5 No-Sweat Cleaning Guide For Sparkling Floor

For your office or commercial building, professional deep office cleaning services are essential for sustaining a pleasant environment for staff and visitors. Also, your office flooring withstands heavy traffic – obviously, it is subject to wear and tear over time.

If hiring professional office cleaning services is a pain for you, explore these quick guidelines to keep your office floor sparkling spotless –no matter the type of flooring.


Hardwood Floor

Office hardwood floors typically have two finishes: polyurethane or wax. 

Sealed floors with polyurethane, urethane, or polyacrylic coating are stain and water-resistant. An easy way to clean such floors is by simply using a quarter cup of mild neutral soap and mixing it with a bucket of water. Grab a microfiber mop and clean the floor.

For wax hardwood floors, the best way to clean them is by using a cloth moistened with white spirit. Don’t use damped mops.

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Laminate Flooring

One of the easiest and quick ways to clean any dirt of laminate flooring is using a vacuum, dusting, or wiping them with a lightly damped mop. 

Never use soap-based detergents for cleaning your office laminate flooring, or you will be left behind a dull film on the floor. And for any stains or marks, a dilute solution of water and vinegar is effective. 

Never polish laminate floors.

Crock Floor

For cleaning your office crock flooring, take a washing-up liquid and wipe the floor using a damp mop. Since the office is a commercial place – where traffic is normal, provide an extra layer of protection to your flooring by applying an acrylic or polyurethane sealant.

Crock flooring is porous, so never over-wet the floors.

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Bamboo Flooring 

Bamboo is sustainable and beautiful but is prone to nicks and scratches – and you must be extra vigilant in cleaning the bamboo floor. The same solution you use for cleaning laminate floors can also be used to clean bamboo flooring.

If the floor is left with any extra moisture, use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe the excess moisture.

Ceramic and Quarry Tiles

Thankfully this flooring doesn’t need much maintenance. Using a mild detergent, sweep and wash it before rinsing off with clean water. You can also try to use a steam cleaner.

 Never use wax polish for this type of flooring – the tiles will become extra slippery.

Linoleum Floor

Linoleum is made of linseed oil, limestone, resin, wood fiber, cork dust, and colored with mineral pigments.

To clean linoleum flooring, mix up a spray bottle with a few drops of dish soap and hot water. Then spritz a portion of the floor and mop it using a dampened cloth. The floor shouldn’t be let wet and must be air-dried almost immediately. 

Vinyl Floor 

The best way to clean a vinyl floor involves a few steps.

  •  Sweep the floor using a soft brush or vacuum.
  •  Then using a damp mop and mild detergent, wipe the floor.
  •  Rinse thoroughly after wiping.

Natural Stone Flooring

Stone is susceptible to straining – so it must be protected with a resin sealant. To clean your office’s natural stone flooring, vacuum it thoroughly before mopping it with a mild detergent solution.

For getting rid of any oil or grease, use a spot treatment stain remover. 

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