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4 Beneficent Tips For Overseeing Bank Commercial Cleaning

Cleanliness is an essential factor that no bank can afford to compromise. Customers will always choose clean banks over untidy ones – there’s no surprise in that.

That is why it is advisable to keep banks neat at all times. You certainly don’t want to lose your valuable customers to a competitor bank.

In this blog, we’ve put forth some tips by which you can supervise your bank’s commercial cleaning services. Make sure to follow it all to maintain a clean and dazzling bank always.

Keep the building outdoors safe and clean

The exteriors of the bank are the first thing that your customers notice. Most of them will judge the overall performance of your banking service based on the outdoor appearance.

Since the outdoor space has high exposure to extreme weather and pollutants, it is advisable to clean the area daily. For effective commercial cleaning for banks, the cleaning service needs to have the right tools. Or else, they won’t be able to remove the stains and dirt from outdoor surfaces.

Additionally, the outdoor walkway becomes very slippery and hazardous. The commercial cleaning service must enhance its safety whilst cleaning the outdoors.

Remove glue from the carpets

Glue happens! No matter how hard you try to keep it off, sometimes you do wind up with glue on the costly carpets. 

Once that happens, don’t make the mistake of overlooking it. Trust us – the longer you let the glue stick to the carpet, the stickier it becomes.

So, ask the commercial cleaning services to remove the glue with the right detergent solution and glue scraper immediately. 

Note of caution – not all professionals have the right skills to clean carpets and leave them in good condition.

Word of advice – hire only the top-rated and experienced bank cleaning service in Buffalo like All Pro Shining

Keep the bank floors shiny and dazzling

A high shining tile or stone floor is beautiful – no doubt about it. When they get dirty and start losing their shine, get the sparkle back with the commercial cleaning services. But excessive and wrong scrubbing of floors can ruin the floors.

Here’s what the commercial cleaning service should NOT DO –

  • Never use cleaners such as dish soap or Mr Clean. The soap leaves back a residue that dims the shine of floors.
  • Never use sponge mops or cotton mops. They push the dirt around instead of absorbing it and will cause streaking on the floor.

Here’s what they SHOULD DO –

  • Using a microfiber cloth or mop head
  • Using a non-filming residue cleaner product
  • Spray the cleaning solution in the microfiber towel. Begin in the back corners of the bank room and work backward to remove residue.

Keep workspace organized

We understand – it’s hard for banks to stay organized when they’re busy throughout the day. But it’s important to focus on keeping the workspace organized. That’s because a messy bank workspace can lead to three major issues – 

  1. The mess becomes an eyesore to customers
    ii. It slows down productivity
    iii. It is a health hazard

So, make sure that the commercial cleaning services devote a few minutes every day to organize the place. Trust us – it will save your bank hundreds of dollars every year. 

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